[maemo-users] N900/Maemo 5 review

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Fri Aug 21 02:38:16 EEST 2009
On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 5:19 PM, Attila Csipa<maemo at csipa.in.rs> wrote:
> On Friday 21 August 2009 00:33:54 Mark wrote:
>> Let's see... one miniSDHC (not micro, meaning you need a micro- to
>> miniSD adapter for it to really be useful) compared to - count 'em -
>> two full-sized SDHC slots, both accessible without removing the
>> battery...
> Don't change subjects. You said one of the reasons you'll never give up your
> N800 for a N810 is because of its non-hot-swappable slot(s). The N810 has a
> fully hot-swappable slot, and it does not need the battery removed (or it's
> cover, for that matter) to swap cards. Say you prefer 2 slots over 1+1, full
> SD over micro/mini, that's OK, but don't imply or spread misinformation.

I said _one_ reason. I never said the N810 wasn't hot-swappable (I
knew perfectly well that it is), but because it is that uncommon and
rapidly-fading miniSD format and only 1 slot, that alone is enough for
me to give it a pass.

I guess it wasn't clear the way I said it, because I started off
talking about non-hot-swappable devices then went on to say why the
N810 isn't an option for me. I didn't mean for it to seem like I was
lumping the N810 in with that particular category. Another angle is
that even if it is technically hot-swappable, if the slot isn't
externally accessible without opening a major panel it's still a PITA.
Yes, the N810 is still externally accessible and from the photos it
appears so with the N900 as well, but many other devices these days
are putting the microSD slot under the battery. Grrr...

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