[maemo-users] Nokia netbook

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Tue Aug 25 20:22:21 EEST 2009
Antonio Di Cello wrote:
> For italian maemo/nokia user I post on my blog the news ad the specifications of new booklet3G 

The Guardian has more speculation on the hardware specs.

My guess is that they're trying to get some attention before Apple
releases their touch screen tablet. I have used WIndows 7 extensively on
a seven year old notebook which is about on par with most current net
books (aside from the larger screen). It is much more usable than Vista
was on the same system but I still prefer to boot in to U-lite -- a
custom Ubuntu distribution that runs better on less powerful hardware
than any of the official Ubuntu spin-offs. Aside from that, there are
plenty of other distributions that Nokia could have chosen as there have
been several window manager and desktop projects over the years that
sufficiently emulate the Windows look and feel to ease users in to the
UI. The OS/2 vs Windows comparison is an interesting one. Maybe Nokia
will hire David Cutler to help finish freemantle. ;)

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