[maemo-users] Nokia netbook

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Wed Aug 26 19:33:37 EEST 2009
Kevin T. Neely wrote:
> Actually, it's a new MSFT technology called DirectConnect (or
> DirectAccess or something like that) that is basically a multi-path
> IPv6 IPSEC tunnel.  I guess they can say "no VPN needed" because it
> only goes to the corp network when it needs to, but this seems to be
> really splitting hairs and I think of it as a VPN.

There are some cases where DirectAccess could be advantageous since it
will work behind any firewall (falls back to port 443 for outbound
connections). The main drawbacks are that it will only work for people
using Windows 7 clients and have an end point service running on a
Win2008r2 server. Plus, it connects automatically (not user initiated
like VPN). It's disingenuous of Nokia to suggest that this feature
distinguishes the the Booklet 3G from other netbooks since it will be
available on any portable device running Win7. Also, it may be trivial
to use from the end user's perspective but only after a sysadmin or two
has enabled and tested the service on the company's network. q.v. this
white paper comparing/contrasting DirectAccess and VPN:

> It supports multi-factor authentication (of course, this will kill the
> seamless nature) so I would bet this will replace the MS PPTP solution.

IPsec is already a viable alternative to PPTP. Even so, PPTP is secure
if deployed properly. The main advantage of PPTP is that Windows and OS
X include easy to configure clients. On the other hand, the open source
VPNC IPsec client for Linux (and even Windows) is easy to use once
configured properly. But these aren't really Nokia or maemo topics per se...

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