[maemo-users] N900/Maemo 5 review

From: sean tech.junk at myfairpoint.net
Date: Fri Aug 28 00:27:08 EEST 2009
Kevin T. Neely wrote:
> I don't understand why that's such a big deal.  /all/ hardware gets
> tossed aside eventually.  Mobile just happens more often than others
> because the development space is so fast.
> If you want something that you can keep around for a while, get a big
> desktop.  That probably has the longest shelf-life.  Still, the N900
> will be more-or-less open and hackable hardware just like the N800, so
> continued development of other platforms will be based upon hobbyist
> interest, just like everything else.
> K

True, all hardware gets tossed aside, eventually, but not as fast as
some recent items, like these tablets.

I bought my Palm Tungsten C, (to replace another very old Palm,) when it
first came out, back in 2003 I think, and it is still in heavy use by
me, because it had everything I needed right out of the box.
There are/were third party add-ons I found to to make things even more
useful, and later I wandered onto other things I originally had no plans
for it to fill.

The wireless/Internet stuff was weak, but as a PIM and more, it could be
used completely right out of the box. Palm put out updates for what
seemed like ages.

Only recently has my Palm C started to show some age, and that is what
brought me to purchasing a N800.
Out of the box, the N800 is severely software crippled. It can do many
things, but it does nothing really as well as it could, and should.
Don't get me wrong I think it could be an excellent mobile device, but
it is not, at least not like it is in its present state.
I am still trying to find applications so that it will work for me so
that it can ultimately replace my Palm. I had to do no such searching to
put my Palm right to useful work.

Also, for the price of these devices, especially if you bought them new,
which I did not, they should last and be supported better than they have

Till Palm fell into a sad state, and now took a new direction with their
Pre, I would always look to them for a replacement. I would not look to
them any more, and so far Nokia has not really earned that support from
me either.

I see many potential Maemo apps that have started that now seem in
limbo. Many of these applications could have filled the holes on the
tablet, but they need to mature a bit more, if they are even still being
worked on.

I have tried out Mer, and early signs it has potential, though I am not
using it of late. Currently not enough useful apps, and far to many
bugs. But that is to be expected, it is still early in the life cycle.
Hopefully Mer will reach its potential, and bring software developers to
create the needed applications.

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