[maemo-users] N800 etc.

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Sat Aug 29 19:25:02 EEST 2009
On Saturday 29 August 2009 13:38:22 Andre Klapper wrote:
> In contrast to you, some companies out there might not have unlimited
> human and financial resources to officially support every single
> computer language (like Java) that you currently favor. It's even their
> right to make such decisions (if this means losing some customers is
> another question).

While I don't agree with Fernando's rant, I must admit that I haven't checked 
but I just assumed that, as aphone, the N900 supports J2ME MIDP out of the 
box.  Is that not the case?

It would seem very strange for Nokia to ship the N900 without J2ME.  I know 
that Apple did with the iPhone (and Google did with Android), and I 
understand that decent J2ME implementations are closed source and cost money 
(a licence per phone) but if the N900 is to be positioned as an iPhone 
competitor it needs access to a **lot** of neat applications at Day 1.  How 
is that going to happen?  The Maemo community does not provide that today (I 
wish we did) but there are a lot of J2ME apps in the world.

Or is the N900 not really intended to be an iPhone competitor at all?  Is it 
just a bridge between the hacker toy N8xx and a future real Maemo smartphone 
which will inherit the array of apps to be developed over the next 12 months 
or so (or, maybe, even be able to run S60 apps)?

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