[maemo-users] N900/Maemo 5 review

From: John B. Holmblad jholmblad at hotmail.com
Date: Sun Aug 30 03:45:04 EEST 2009

your response suggests that the initial release of the N900 will not 
support HSDPA.

If that is the case then it would seem that the N900 will have poor 
network performance due to a bandwidth limitation when the device is 
used on mobile networks. I must be misinterpreting your remarks and I  
find it hard to believe that Nokia would in late 2009 release a product 
that does supports neither HSDPA nor EVDO.

Also is there any built in capability to use the N900 as a tethering 
device (modem)  between, say a netbook (Nokia;s own netbook product 
perhaps) and  a mobile broadband data service such as I have today with 
my trusty old Windows Mobile handset and my RIM/blackberry.

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John Holmblad


Acadia Secure Networks, LLC

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Gary wrote:
> Jason Edgecombe wrote:
>> I prefer Verizon's coverage area, but they don't do GSM, :(
> Not yet. They're already working on a hybrid EV-DO/HSPA modem
> (http://tr.im/nX3C) and are moving fast on building out their HSPA
> buildout (http://tr.im/nX47). I've also read that some test markets will
> be in place by the end of this year (http://tr.im/nX5z). How else can
> they expect to have the iPhone next year?
> It's nice that the N900 has an internal SD card slot for the larger
> capacity cards but an easily accessible microSD card slot would
> probably make me and a lot of other folks happy.
> -Gary
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