[maemo-users] N800 etc.

From: Demetris demetris at ece.neu.edu
Date: Sun Aug 30 06:58:53 EEST 2009
Hi all,

    interesting conversation you guys got into ;) Thanks for the info 
Andre, Syren and Fernando - I appreciate it.

    I know about Jalimo, which is based on the GNU classpath libs and 
which attempts to run versions of Java runtime
that are very close to the standard J2SE runtimes. However I had some 
incompatibility problems with it when running
axis bundles within osgi containers and the p2p jxta platform. I 
imported my baseline into J2ME CDC since I could run
the PhoneME on the N800 and things worked fine. However, this version of 
PhoneME was released 3 years ago and
and any upgrades to my software bundles has issues with it and that's 
why I wondering if there is any newer J2ME CDC
runtime for the N800 amd Maemo 2008.

    Regarding the other Qs I had anyone has any more info?

2. documentation on the device's hardware that I have not been able to locate
3. is maemo the only software architecture for this device?
4. has anyone been able to deploy web services on such a device (either through 
osgi containers or any other container)?

Thanks again

Syren Baran wrote:
> Am Samstag, den 29.08.2009, 14:38 +0200 schrieb Andre Klapper:
>> Hi Fernando,
>> there's Jalimo https://wiki.evolvis.org/jalimo for Java on Maemo, but I
>> don't know how actively it is maintained...
> GCC (or more precisly GCJ) can compile Java sources into native linux
> binaries. Dont know if that works on Maemo, havent had a look at the
> build environment yet.
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