[maemo-users] GPE-Contacts and .vcf

From: sean tech.junk at myfairpoint.net
Date: Sun Aug 30 19:17:34 EEST 2009
Using D-Bus Switchboard I have configure Gpe-contacts to be the default
handler for a .vcf file.

Whenever I try to transfer a contact from my Palm to the N800,
Gpe-contacts always fails to import the contact.

Actual steps, I transfer the contact from the Palm using Bluetooth, I am
asked where I want to save the receiving file on the N800 and leave
"open file after saving" checked.

Choose save, and I leave all at default and let it save into Documents.
(I have also tried altering the file name.)

Choose Save, the system tries to start "Gpe-contacts" but then a message
pops up stating the the file could not be imported, with a display of
the path to the file location.

I have also tried a manual import of the file using "Gpe-contacts"
"Tools" "Import VCard" function.
Same results.

While I am here, is there anyway to transfer a "Gpe-Contact" over
Bluetooth, or attach it to an email?
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