[maemo-users] Java

From: David Greaves david at dgreaves.com
Date: Mon Aug 31 11:52:23 EEST 2009
Syren Baran wrote:
> Am Sonntag, den 30.08.2009, 17:20 -0600 schrieb Mark:
>> On 8/30/09, Fernando Cassia <fcassia at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> No, you´re wrong. It´s a platform AND a language.
>> Actually the truth is somewhere in between.
> Sigh, obviously you know better than Sun. They made it clear that is a
> language AND a plattform.

Oh well, if *Sun* say so then they must be right.

Obviously corporate statements are *always* technically accurate and everything
in this world is black or white.


So, instead of hot air... who's going to grab the source for java and trying to
build it on Maemo?
I suggest starting with Mer as it will make pulling in the dependencies much easier.

If you take that route then I'm up for helping out - lbt at #mer

Nb, doing this should be as complex as following a step-by-step guide and having
reasonable google-foo. No/minimal coding skills required.


"Don't worry, you'll be fine; I saw it work in a cartoon once..."
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