[maemo-users] GPE-Contacts and .vcf

From: sean tech.junk at myfairpoint.net
Date: Mon Aug 31 22:38:23 EEST 2009
Florian Boor wrote:
> Hi,
> Graham Cobb schrieb:
>> The only way is to export the contact and manually attach it to the email.  
>> There is no way to send it as a bluetooth business card that I know of.
> in theory there is - gpe-contacts can use the DBus interface gpe-bluetooth
> offers to send a vcard over Bluetooth. (gpe-beam offers a similar interface for
> IrOBEX.)
> Maemo offers an interface for this purpose too, so adapting gpe-contacts should
> be easy. The same applies to gpe-calendar and vcal/ical btw.
> Greetings
> Florian

There is a Maemo project that deals with Bluetooth called "give" that
might help you? Just a guess on my part if it would.

Since the two of you are also listed as the team behind GPE Calendar, I
hope you would not mind a question on that application?

Would an updated version of Calendar be in the works that supports an
alarm powering on the N800 and perhaps flashing the led?
I have seen it referred to as the built-in alarm system, and without
that power up option, it is real easy to miss an appointment, a show
stopper in fact.

The Maemo application, Seqretary, has this feature, so I would figure
yours would also be able to add this very needed feature.

		Thanks for the replies,
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