[maemo-users] note taking app?

From: Peter Bart peter at petertheplumber.net
Date: Fri Jun 5 05:10:40 EEST 2009
On Thu, 2009-06-04 at 21:22 -0400, Laura Conrad wrote:
> My n810 let me down this evening.  I was taking minutes at the condo
> meeting, and I decided to bring the N810 and all the cables and adaptors
> necessary to connect a keyboard to it and take the notes on that.  (One
> of the reasons I love computers so much is that I'm a competent typist,
> and practically illiterate from the point of view of being able to read
> my own handwriting any amount of time later.)
> Ideally, I'd have emacs, but I read up on installing it and it sounded
> like more work than I wanted to do at that time, so I don't.  
> So I looked at "Utilities", and it had something called notepad, which I
> opened up and typed on for about 5 minutes and then it crashed.
> So I took the rest of the notes by hand.
> But what do people use to take notes? 

Leafpad, it allows several open files at the same time and it saves in a
format that opens on everything I have.

Best Regards,

Peter Bart <peter at petertheplumber.net>
Peter The Plumber

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