[maemo-users] Maemo-Mapper and Map Storage

From: Alejandro López listas.apl at googlemail.com
Date: Wed Jun 10 19:54:48 EEST 2009
Jamie Bennett wrote:
> On 9 Jun 2009, at 18:45, Mark wrote:
>> My advice would be to store the maps on the external memory card. If
>> you run out of room there, you can always get a bigger card and just
>> copy everything straight over and keep on going.
> Definitely.
> External memory cards are getting cheaper by the day so carrying a lot  
> of maps on an external card is very viable now-a-days.

How do you tell Maemo Mapper to store the maps on the external card? I checked the configuration but I found nothing. I guess that replacing MyDocs/.documents/Maps with a link to some directory in the card should work, but I'd like to know if there's a cleaner way.

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