[maemo-users] Default Contact Application

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Tue Jun 16 10:50:58 EEST 2009
En/na Mark ha escrit:

> I wasn't very clear: what I meant to say was that IIRC the built-in
> apps can't be defeated as the defaults for their particular actions,
> but there may be hope for some types of files that aren't already
> associated with the as-shipped apps. Or maybe they all can be changed.
> Surely someone knows.

I know for sure that the default browser cannot be substituted for 
another one (many have tried and failed).
It's annoying when you click on a link on any application and it will 
try to open it in the default browser, when you actually are trying to 
use a more functional one.
I always have to remember to do a long tap, wait for the context menu to 
appear, copy link and paste it into the browser I actually use.
As I said, annoying.

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