[maemo-users] GPE and Pimlico

From: Mark Haury wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jun 19 05:09:05 EEST 2009
sean wrote:
> This is a question of curiosity.
> In asking for recommendations to substitute the sadly lacking built in 
> contacts tool on the Nokia tablets I seem to have received more nods to 
> GPE tools over the Pimlico tools.
> As I have tried out both tools, the Pimlico tools are better looking, 
> much more tablet friendly, more polished, and seem much more useful than 
> the GPE tools. At least from my short evaluations so far.
> I realize these statements are subjective to the user, and wonder if I 
> am missing something else that GPE has over Pimlico?
> Comments anyone?
> 		Thanks
> 		Sean

I did try Pimlico contacts before settling on GPE, but I'm afraid it's 
been long enough that I don't remember the details. IIRC it was because 
the import I needed either wasn't possible with Pimlico or was less 
successful and lost more of the fields.

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