[maemo-users] omweather weirdness

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Sun Jun 21 22:23:21 EEST 2009
Karl Kobel wrote:
> Peter,
> Sorry if I wasn't totally clear. I just abbreviated the entire path. 
> Unless you want the 'bleeding' edge development builds, you shouldn't 
> have any repositories ending in devel.
> A new version was posted to the 'normal' repository, superseding the 
> development build, which corrected the problem.

No problem, thanks. I seem to have picked up the right version now, and 
it's all working fine except that I can't edit the names of the stations 
I have added (I *think* you could do this before)...it's fine with short 
names like Boston or Dublin, but I added O'Hare and its full name 
"Chicago O'Hare International Airport" forces the applet to widen across 
the whole screen when I select it :-) Not a major problem...I can 
probably edit the database entry.

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