[maemo-users] Multi-select

From: API apinheiro at igalia.com
Date: Mon Jun 22 11:06:18 EEST 2009
From: Peter Flynn <peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie>

> Just out of curiosity, is there a way to multi-select from a list (eg 
> the App Mgr Installable Apps list) using the screen and stylus, or do I 
> have to attach my keyboard?

Are you talking about the current Diablo? Or the upcoming Fremantle?

On Fremantle:

If one list (using a treeview) has multiple selection, you should be able to
"multi-select" using only the screen and stylus. With multi selection, you can
see a "check" icon on the right side of the selected item(s).

I suppose that if you talk about attach the keyboard, you are asking if you
need that in order to use the Ctrl or the Shift. As I just said, this is not
required, and you should be able to do that.

Anyway, is the application developer the one that sets if a list has single
or multi selection. So if your problem is that you are using a specific app
(you are talking about App Mgr) and you expect to be able to multi-select, but
you are not able to, probably this is because the developer implement that
using single selection, and not a "missing keyboard" problem.


Only FYI, although the following text is more suitable for maemo-developer.

If you (anyone) are using directly a gtktreeview, you can change from single
to multiple-selection using:

If you are using a HildonTouchSelector, this is wrapped with the following func:

At hildon/examples there two examples you can look at:

hildon-pannable-area-touch-list-example: a example that show the differences using
                                         a treeview on fremantle

hildon-touch-selector-example: a simple example of the hildon-touch-selector using


API (apinheiro at igalia.com)
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