[maemo-users] Some problems with OS2008HE: no memory extension and glib

From: Sirio ziriuz84 at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jun 24 10:18:45 EEST 2009
Hi all! I just installed the latest OS2008HE on a 2GB mmc on my Nokia 770.
It function very well, apart a pair of problem that I encountered.
I tried to extend memory to the memory card but it says that there is no
internal memory card. The system is installed on the second partition of the
card and I use the first partition for data, as usual with OS2007HE. May be
I must change a config file, or make a swap partition? It's not a big
problem, until I don't have to go on big sites or to open more than one
The second problem is with dependencies. I installed about all the
repositories from gronmayer (Maemo Extras has a lot of good stuff, but not
all for now). When I try to install or upgrade some packages, like maemo
wordpy or abiword or to upgrade gpe suite, it says that it can't do it
because I don't have some libraries updated, like libfreetype6 or libglib
(it needs at least 2.12.12 and I have 2.0).
Thanks a lot for any info

Version: 3.12
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