[maemo-users] Rumor mill: Maemo 5 device

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Thu Jun 25 02:02:26 EEST 2009
Mark wrote:
> However, $750 and and/or a smaller screen would be showstoppers for
> me. 

That price would be a showstopper for anyone, even if included GPS and 
an accelerometer. That's well over three times the going rate for a 
pocket device.

> Also, at this point regular cellular voice would be a requirement
> for me. 

I'd rather not. I already have a perfectly working phone, and I don't 
want to combine phone and PDA: you look such a prat trying to work a 
spreadsheet while trying to make a call, or wearing one of those zomboid 
BT earpieces. Mais chacun a son gout.

> If they can't get the price to netbook levels or less, it's highly
> unlikely that a single soul will buy them. I think that's been the
> major issue with the tablets in the past: considering the features,
> the price is way above everybody's threshold until about the time the
> new model comes out, making the old one (depending on one's 
> viewpoint) obsolete.

Yep. €150-€200 is the max the market will pay for this here. Maybe in 
the USA where there is more disposable income it could go higher.

> ...but I strongly suspect that those "leaked" specs are all somebody's fantasy.

I think the GPS and accelerometer probably are.

> And I think it's highly unlikely that it will be released in the next
> few weeks (they're saying July 2009), or even this summer. Next spring
> would be much easier to believe.

It's already the end of June. Anyway, I'm not yet in the market for an 
upgrade at that price: the N800 cost me an ARM and a leg and it's 
working just fine.

And certainly not with some daft cellphone deal like the iPhone that 
ties you to a single supplier at a massive markup.

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