[maemo-users] Rumor mill: Maemo 5 device

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jun 26 06:39:32 EEST 2009
On 6/25/09, Jean-Christian de Rivaz <jc at eclis.ch> wrote:
> Dr. Nicholas Shaw a écrit :
> and a new
>  task switching schema that allow the applications the be all the time
>  full screen is also a very good point to efficiently use the screen.

Actually, that already exists: press the "Home" button (bottom button
on the front left side on the N800) while any application is full
screen and a list of open apps pops up. Just click on the one you want
to switch to. You can also close any of the apps in the list by
clicking its "X". I just tested with 6 open apps and it works fine, it
just adds scroll buttons.

(Written on my N800 2500 miles from home.)
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