[maemo-users] How to disable scrolling with thumb in browser

From: Mathieu Blondel mblondel at rubyforge.org
Date: Tue Jun 30 05:32:03 EEST 2009

How can I disable scrolling with thumb in the browser? I.e. I would
like that the only way to scroll is to use the scroll bars.

I have a web interface [1] (written with the "<canvas>" element) which
allows users to draw in a box. When I draw in the box with my pen on
the N810, the browser scrolls the page instead of drawing. Maybe
scrolling over "<canvas>" elements should be disabled. Shall I report
a bug? This web interface works fine in Midori and Mozilla Prism since
they don't support scrolling with thumb.

Mathieu Blondel

[1] http://www.mblondel.org/files/tegaki-webcanvas/test.html
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