[maemo-users] Maemo Flasher-3.5 Tool Beta for Fremantle and Diablo released

From: Andre Klapper aklapper at openismus.com
Date: Tue Jun 30 15:55:10 EEST 2009
Hi Jarmo,

your email and the download page do not mention any architectures.
Can you please add that information to the download page?

Am Dienstag, den 30.06.2009, 14:41 +0200 schrieb Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com:
> Supported operating systems
>  - Linuxes (Debian installation package available for Debian based
> Linuxes and tar ball for others)

Only x86? Or also PPC?

>  - Windows XP with SP3 and Vista with SP1
>  - Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard  

PPC and x86?

Andre Klapper (maemo.org bugmaster)

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