[maemo-users] 3g/2g setting and data roaming

From: Andrea Borgia andrea at borgia.bo.it
Date: Sun Nov 1 18:04:03 EET 2009
Kai Thomsen ha scritto:

> As far as I can see it in the Phone settings you cannot set the network
> mode seperately for voice and data. What you can do though is prevent
> automatic Data Roaming. You can switch between "always ask" and "always
> allow".

Is it considered "roaming" if the network doesn't change but coverage is
so marginal that only GPRS works instead of UMTS? A corner case,
perhaps, but I see it quite often and my soon-to-be-activated H3G
subscription says I'm going to pay for that ;-(

For starters, though, your suggestion is just what I plan to do... we'll
see how it works.

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