[maemo-users] N900 battery duration

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Nov 10 15:56:13 EET 2009

ext Tuomas Kulve wrote:
> Tuomas Kulve wrote:
>> Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com wrote:
>>> There is a bug in the cellmo SW related to absence of SIM: the current is higher when the SIM is not in.
>>> So in real life use case (i assume people who will buy it will actually use it as a phone) the use time will be longer.
>> I guess I need to do more testing then :)
>> Although I'm not sure how to accomplish that as I need my SIM for the
>> daily use..
> The previous test was without a SIM card. The device was very idle and
> run for 93.75 hours (with a guessed few hour error marginal).
> After charging the battery I inserted the SIM card, rebooted and started
> a new test.

Why reboot?

I would expect most people just to charge without shutting down
the device.

(You may remember that e.g. N8x0 use less battery if it's put to
offline-mode instead of being shut down for the night.)

> I received two calls (hung up immediately), I received two
> SMS messages and sent one, and the notifier led was blinking for 45 mins
> at one point. Otherwise the device was idle and run for 93.62 hours. So
> pretty close to the test without a SIM card.
> I have a small shell script running there that writes a log every 60
> seconds. After writing the log it runs the "sync" command and starts the
> loop again. I'm assuming it doesn't affect the total run time much in an
> otherwise idle device.

	- Eero
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