[maemo-users] N900 battery duration

From: Tuomas Kulve tuomas at kulve.fi
Date: Tue Nov 10 20:34:09 EET 2009
Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com wrote:
> Tuomas Kulve wrote:
>> Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com wrote:
>>> Running the test with a headset plugged in would get rid of the offset.
>> Offset? Is that something that affects the MP3 in a different manner
>> than Ogg?
> It should be the same, but since you are interested in the power
> consumption of the decoding activity - if i understood correctly -
> then you get an unknown term, which can also have 2nd order
> effects due to the different timing and choices that both cpuidle
> and cpufreq could make.
> iow, if you have time, it might be interesting to run the test again
> with an headset.

I repeated three runs with ffvorbis and got a bit over three hours more
battery life with the headset connected compared to my earlier ffvorbis
tests without the headset.

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