[maemo-users] new on list / sponsoring ISP in Germany

From: Max Maher mmaher at gmx.net
Date: Wed Nov 11 00:02:49 EET 2009

cool that you are joining us :). 
no at the moment, nothing is known about providers+n900 for germany, but you 
should keep an eye on t-mobile (also because they have the best coverage and 
prices for smartphones)

On Tuesday 10 November 2009 16:41:23 Boris wrote:
> Hej all,
> I'm new to this list, subscribed because I'm very interested in maemo,
> especially on the upcoming N900. I'm using Debian Linux since early
> Potatoe and hope to have a good chance getting these things (desktop and
> mobile) good together.
> The N900 is announced for late November 09. Does anybody know, if there
> will be a sponsoring provider in Germany selling this little thing for
> small money including a fair (flat-) rate?
> Thanks,
> Boris
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