[maemo-users] App Developers and Mer

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Thu Nov 12 09:47:08 EET 2009

> A question of curiosity.
> To any application developers that might be on this list, are you
> planning to make sure your applications will work on Mer?

Yes. After my application run fine in fremantle I plan to start looking
at Mer. Since Mer should be rather fremantle-like (at tat time) I do not
expect larger problems. I'm also intersted in getting back any feedback
for my applications on Mer.

> I am wondering what kind of application support Mer will gain?

A good one, since a working Mer will allow me to drop support for the
older diablo OS version (N800, N810) and possible even gain back support
for 770.

Since Mer should be more fremantle-like than the older OS version
getting Mer to run on the devices will make it possibly easier to
support older Devices for developers that have a fremantle version of
their applications running.

       Tim (still having an N800 and N810)

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