[maemo-users] Printing (N800)

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Sun Nov 22 16:49:51 EET 2009
I've been using CUPS to print from my N800, and it seems to work now (an 
earlier version was shipped with a fatally-broken pstotext utility), 
even finding locally-published printers.

But it's restricted to printing from the command line (eg lpr foo.pdf), 
and then only sometimes -- at other times it claims the "scheduler is 
not responding", and you have to restart cupsd.

The major applications (browser, email, AbiWord, etc) don't have a 
File|Print menu item. While this is understandable in the design 
(perhaps printing was not thought of as an option), does anyone know if 
it will be enabled in N900/Maemo5?

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