[maemo-users] Universal Remote for CE/HA? (maemo)

From: Jed jedi.theone at gmail.com
Date: Thu Oct 1 14:57:47 EEST 2009
If you look at diagram I'm hoping to devise a device that acts a central 
controller for consumer electronics & home automation.

I want a hand-held to interface with it. This hand-held would ideally 
also have IR integrated, but it's not imperative as Wifi would be used 

So far the best solution I've found is this

You don't have to use their reference hardware but something low 
power/profile like it I think would be ideal.

It's critical you have JRE + Apache Tomcat installed/configured 
properly. I'd probably run this software on top of Ubuntu or LinuxMCE.

I was thinking of integrating the entire thing into my existing HTPC/PVR 
but I'm not sure yet. It might be better to have dedicated/separate machine.

This controller would be able to send/receive via; wifi, Ethernet, IR, 
X10, & perhaps some other proprietary RF protocols & would be connected 
to the net.

Interested in other peoples ideas, have you tried something similar or 
have you heard of a better platform then openremote?



I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you interested in turning a
tablet in to a universal remote or using an infrared remote with a
tablet? If it's the latter, the MythTV project has support for a wide
variety of different remotes under Linux. Since the tablets do not have
an IR sensor, I'll assume the first. In that regard, I'm finding most of
my recent experience with my tablet to be more annoying than useful.
Perhaps it's because I'm using an ad blocking plug-in with the default
browser, Fennec is still in alpha stages as far as stability goes, or
the networking stack is just painfully bloated. I still use it for a
handful of games and as the occasional SD card reader but I've even
stopped using VPNC for remote admin work since SSH clients came out for
the iPhone. But I'm curious to hear what you have in mind... are you
looking to build a platform that can integrate with most set top boxes,
PCs, and X10 home automation?


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