[maemo-users] N800 Cases

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Mon Oct 5 23:24:41 EEST 2009
sean wrote:
> Is anyone able to recommend a case for the N800?
> I would like one that protects the unit, perhaps has built in slots for
> space memory cards, and allows easy use of the unit.
> 		Thanks
> 		Sean
I've been using an inexpensive notebook/personal planner with a zipper 
that I picked up at Target (stationary aisle) for about $5.  It has a 
couple slots and space for holding things (like memory cards, small USB 
to Nokia cable charger, credit card and a couple bucks), plus a small 
pen and a pad of paper.  The store I bought it at had some ugly color 
choices, but that seems to make it harder to misplace.  I removed about 
half the paper and it fits the n800 quite snuggly.  If you unzip it a 
bit, you can charge it while in the "case".  It fits in the average coat 
pocket.   You do have to remove the n800 from the case to use it.

Always, Fred C. 
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