[maemo-users] How many of you are using mer on N810?

From: sean tech.junk at myfairpoint.net
Date: Mon Oct 12 20:42:12 EEST 2009
Henrik Frisk wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm considering moving from Diablo to Mer. How stable is it? Anyone
> using it already?
> best,
> /Henrik

I tried Mer a release ago, it might of been .15.
To many small problems that when added together really annoyed me.
Sound was dead, some windows would not close, and web support was just
not in place yet.
When I read more comments about it being in a more useful state, and
more apps listed, I will likely try again.

What really put me into the mindset to go back to Diablo was the lack of
applications in the software catalog management app.
I know you can apt-get some apps from Ubuntu repositories, but I wanted
to see the ready made already in its own application management package,
like it is in Diablo.
Hardware support needs to improve, at least I think so, as well as a
larger list of applications listed.

If enough applications are listed to make it useful, I think it would go
a long way to users testing Mer, putting up with and reporting the

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