[maemo-users] N900 Users

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Oct 20 11:40:08 EEST 2009

sean wrote:
> So those of you that have one, what do you think of it?
> It is always nice to hear from actual users.

I like it. It's not my main phone yet, though. Working on it... I use it
as a portable media player & web browser.

> Is the software on it complete, or is it crippled like previous systems?

I love the a priori here - this question reminds me of that question "do
you still beat your wife?" in that there's no right answer. My answer: I
have never beaten my wife.

> I am curious as to such things as the address book, calendar, to-do
> list, even the native email client.

I've never used the tablets for email, the address book and calendar are

> Any other interesting finds with the N900?

Avoid Transmission, it will not just use lots of power (which you get
warned about), it will make the table completely unresponsive while you
are downloading digital copies of the films that you already have on
DVD. Avoid Ovi Maps. It doesn't feel like a Fremantle application - I
would really love to see a port of Maemo Mapper to Fremantle (I hear
that the app is in need of a maintainer these days).


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