[maemo-users] N900 Delayed

From: Mark Haury wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Sun Oct 25 04:00:03 EET 2009
John B. Holmblad wrote:
> All,
> I just happened to find some news from the last day or so concerning 
> delay in the N900 product availability. Here is the url to the Reuters 
> article:
> http://www.reuters.com/article/technologyNews/idUSTRE59M2RJ20091023?feedType=RSS&feedName=technologyNews
> Now, does this mean a developer's "November", that is, November 30 or a 
> marketing department's  November, that is, November 1?
...or a Linux/Maemo November, meaning some time in December you might 
get the hardware, and about a year later, long before the software is 
completed, they'll abandon it and introduce a new model...

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