[maemo-users] R: Duplicated contacts on N900: what is the fastest way to manage it?

From: Matteo Nerozzi matteo.nerozzi at gmail.com
Date: Sun Oct 25 18:38:03 EET 2009
Hi Andrea !

I had the same problem and ... I used the function "merge" inside the N900.

It's not so long ... also because when you find a double ( o triple )
contact it's enough to press the "merge" button and the N900 will show you
the closest contact at what are you merging.

Works great.

So ... at the break lunch or at the nigh instead of watching TV ... now my
contact list is single.

My problem was the contact skype ( everyone ) was duplicated :-(

For the new nokia pc suite I just installed the new version ( ) but
I don't see any tool for "merge".

Good luck !


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Oggetto: Duplicated contacts on N900: what is the fastest way to manage it?

Hi all,

in my N900 I've imported/syncronized some contacts using
Gmail+exchange syncronization and I've used Hermes to get more info
about my contacts. Probably I've messed something because I've a lot
of duplicated contacts now :(

I know that there's a functionality to "merge" two contacts ecc... but
it would take me lot of times to merge 1600+ contacts :( (come
contacts are shown 3-4 times :\ ).

What is the best way to do this? Do we have any information about the
incoming PC Suite for N900?


Andrea Grandi
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