[maemo-users] VS: Re: N900 Delayed

From: Timo Pelkonen peltsip at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 26 09:00:34 EET 2009
Aihe: Re: N900 Delayed
Lähettäjä: Nicolau Werneck <nwerneck at gmail.com>
Päivämäärä: 25.10.2009 22:23

On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 08:49:58AM -0600, Mark wrote:

> The overwhelming majority of the Linux desktop apps I've tried are
> far from finished, (aside from games and other fluff). Long before
> an app is finished, the developers split their efforts and you end
> up with a dozen competing apps, none of which will ever be
> finished. They're all too busy arguing about design
> details/philosophy to actually complete critical functionality. That
> goes for Linux as an OS as well.

Can you list some specific examples of Linux programs that compete
with each other when they should merge into less projects?

Here are some programs I use. mozilla, emacs, mutt, inkscape,
pdflatex, awesome (window manager). They do have competitors, like
konqueror, vim, pine and xfig, but I think it's fair to say all these
classic programs deserve their places. And I know these are not the
"avarage user's applications"... So what kind of applications are you
refering to?  Email and RSS readers? Spreadsheet, text editor, twitter
client, media player?... xmms should merge with amarok?

I did start my own small and crappy twitter client the other day, and
I've been using it in my N800. Would you suggest me to drop my project
and instead devote myself to enhance another existing "competitor"? Am
I just thinking about what is best for me instead of what is best for
the community?


The point is to find balance between opposites. No competition is very bad and wrong kind of competition is very bad. But competition is really needed to change things to better. Lame iPhone - argument: web surfing is what it is. If you dont like it there is nothing to do (because no competition cant exist because of app store rules). N900 has webkit AND mozilla... There is no one perfect example user who represents 5M mobile phone users, there are only groups that prefer different things at random.


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