[maemo-users] N900 battery duration

From: Tuomas Kulve tuomas at kulve.fi
Date: Fri Oct 30 07:41:42 EET 2009
Tuomas Kulve wrote:
> Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com wrote:
>> There is a bug in the cellmo SW related to absence of SIM: the current is higher when the SIM is not in.
>> So in real life use case (i assume people who will buy it will actually use it as a phone) the use time will be longer.
> I guess I need to do more testing then :)
> Although I'm not sure how to accomplish that as I need my SIM for the
> daily use..

The previous test was without a SIM card. The device was very idle and
run for 93.75 hours (with a guessed few hour error marginal).

After charging the battery I inserted the SIM card, rebooted and started
a new test. I received two calls (hung up immediately), I received two
SMS messages and sent one, and the notifier led was blinking for 45 mins
at one point. Otherwise the device was idle and run for 93.62 hours. So
pretty close to the test without a SIM card.

I have a small shell script running there that writes a log every 60
seconds. After writing the log it runs the "sync" command and starts the
loop again. I'm assuming it doesn't affect the total run time much in an
otherwise idle device.

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