[maemo-users] Nokia netbook

From: Syren Baran sbaran at gmx.de
Date: Thu Sep 3 22:43:18 EEST 2009
Am Dienstag, den 01.09.2009, 17:50 -0700 schrieb lakestevensdental:

>   This nitpicking about Linux vs MS OS offerings aside, IMHO, Linux is 
> never going to make its mark as a major market OS until somehow it 
> offers a top end gaming platform equal to (and ideally compatible with) 
> what Microsoft offers the PC world. 

Ah yes, compatibility with solitare has been on the todo list for ages.

>   Linux folks should just be glad that the marketing wizards at 
> Microsoft haven't figured out they could go a long ways to crushing the 
> Linux world out of existance and reasserting themselves as the dominant 
> player if they offered their lastest OS as an upgrade for something like 
> $25/unit to all END USERS (not just OEMs).  With such a move, MS could 
> quickly consolidate virtually all of it's market to a single OS for it 
> to manage instead of 3 or 4 different OSs with 3 or more flavors a 
> piece.  Thankfully, they seem lost in the forest as much as anyone on 
> some issues... 

So how come linux devices probably outnumber windows devices?
(DSL-)Router, NAS/SAN, Hard disc recorders,network printers etc..
Oh, it doesnt come with a "powered by linux" sticker. Doesnt mean its
not there.

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