[maemo-users] Problem with panucci

From: Enrico Miglino enrico.miglino at ovi.com
Date: Mon Apr 12 09:42:20 EEST 2010
I have a problem starting Panucci on N900, but I don't understand what can be. In fact, starting from some days ago (i don't done any particular new operations on my device) Panucci start, the screen wait sometime (don't see nothing, no GUI interface shows) then the program ends returning to the screen.
Ok, I tried to start the program from terminal ans ater a lot of python errors the more significant message I see is that there is a problem on sqlite3

Trying to launch "sqlite3" from the same terminal, everything seems correct and the component is correctly installed. Maybe some kind of configuration file ? What can be? Follow the message exactly as it appear.

File "/opt/panucci/lib/panucci/dbsqlite.py", line 330, in update_playlist  (file path, timestamp, playlist_id)
sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file


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