[maemo-users] PC Suite communication

From: André Hänsel andre at webkr.de
Date: Tue Apr 13 02:03:02 EEST 2010
Hi list,

I am currently evaluating my chances to use the PC Suite connection to
connect from an application running on the host to a daemon running on the
N900. For this I'm having a look at e.g. syncd and in particular obexd.

As far as I understand, when using bluetooth connection, the PC Suite
application talks to one of the bluetooth COM ports. The virtual serial
connection is somehow taken by BlueZ and forwarded to a socket of type
PF_BLUETOOTH on which obexd listens and answers the connection. So far I
don't understand how the Windows application instructs BlueZ to forward the
data to a certain socket and not just to a virtual serial port. Apparently
it's not an rfcomm connection since there is no rfcomm device and it doesn't
show up in rfcomm output.

As for the USB side I know even less. The data is probably transmitted using
one of the "Wireless Communication Devices" (Nokia N900 USB Generic, Nokia
N900 USB OBEX, Nokia N900 USB Phone Parent) and received by the g_nokia
module, but how do they get to obexd?

Can someone provide me with any information on these matters?


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