[maemo-users] Feature Request / Feedback for a my project

From: Alexander Schröter accounts at computational-chemistry.org
Date: Wed Apr 14 02:41:30 EEST 2010
Hi I am very happy with my N900 and Maemo as it's operating system. But 
a couple of things I am unhappy with. Some of them rather minor others 
are bigger. I am writing these down in the hopes that some can be fixed 
by the community and also I would like some feedback on how important 
those features are to the rest of the world since I am having some time 
this summer and would like to get my hands dirty with a project. Or 
maybe some of them already exist and I just haven't found them.

#1 A better profile manager
I would like to see a better profile manager that can interact with my 
IM accounts, has some powersaving options, wireless roaming and simply 
more features. Maybe some of you can add your ideas here.

#2 Date selection in the calendar
I noticed that when selecting a date I don't get information what 
weekday this is. I most of the time don't know the date but the day and 
so I think when selecting a date in the calendar it should show the weekday.

#3 Unmerging/Merging of contacts
#3.1 Add an unmerge option. It's not very nice if you merged the wrong 
accounts and cannot unmerge them.
#3.2 My contacts unmerge. I am uncertain if this is a bug related to 
Mail for Exchange or to the IM account managment. What I do know is that 
every time I sync my contacts I end up with unmerged contacts. I already 
set my device to have priority on conflicts but still no change. This 
really needs fixing in my opinion.

These are the things that bug me the most.

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