[maemo-users] mafw-lastfm 0.0.4 (Last.fm scrobbler for the N900)

From: Claudio Saavedra csaavedra at igalia.com
Date: Mon Apr 19 15:18:02 EEST 2010
mafw-lastfm is a last.fm scrobbler for maemo devices using the Media
Application Framework, like the N900. With it, you can scrobble your
listening habits to the last.fm Internet radio site. 

This is the first package[1] I have promoted to extras-testing, since I
consider it mature enough for normal users. Please give it a go and vote
it accordingly.

Join the happy users in http://www.last.fm/group/Nokia+N900+scrobbler !

where to get it

  Soon to appear in Fremantle's extras-devel and later in testing.
  Please vote it!

  Source repository:

  Please report issues in

What's new?

- Monitor credentials file, no need for reboot!
- Several fixes to handshaking after offline periods.
- Less polling during now-playing submissions.
- Code fixes and cleanups.

Short log of this release

Claudio Saavedra (15):
      Build credentials filename in main function
      Factor credentials load and authentication to authenticate_from_file()
      Monitor configuration file for changes in the credentials
      Fix small indentation issues
      Set status NEED_HANDSHAKE after setting credentials
      Cancel handshake retry on calls to mafw_lastfm_scrobbler_handshake()
      Encode tracks only once
      Add mafw_lastfm_track_dup() to duplicate track instances
      Set playing-now after 3 seconds of playback
      Small memory clean up in MafwLastfmScrobbler dispose method
      Use a different source id for the retry timeout
      Cancel deferred handshake in mafw_lastfm_scrobbler_handshake()
      Improve the handshake response parsing and handling
      Renew handshake message on BADTIME handshake response
      Release 0.0.4

Felipe Contreras (11):
      build: trivial fixes
      build: improve generated configuration files
      Cleanup license notices
      Trivial code-style cleanups
      More code-style cleanups
      Generic cleanups
      Subtle cleanups
      scrobbler: remove unused property stuff
      scrobbler: get rid of dispose
      main: remove extra indentation
      main: remove unused code

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