[maemo-users] Dealing with N900 responsiveness (or lack of thereof)

From: Dawid Lorenz adl at adl.pl
Date: Wed Apr 21 13:10:53 EEST 2010
On 20 April 2010 16:52, Dawid Lorenz <adl at adl.pl> wrote:

> I'd like to follow-up on this a little. Basically, after nearly two months
> since launching this thread and moving my N900 into much lower swappiness
> value (I currently have 30), frankly I can't see much difference. What
> usually happens is that after few days of overall performance gets horribly
> undermined, probably due to more and more things getting into swap space.
> Sometimes I struggle to take a call, just because screen doesn't really
> catch up on time. Utterly frustrating, so in order to remain sane, I simply
> have to reboot the device, just in order to "refresh" memory. Not very
> convenient.

I did a test with swapoff -a today, which completely cleared swap space, yet
despite Conky reporting about 70'ish percent of overall RAM usage, so with
pretty good margin available, I couldn't launch any application, as it has
been kicked out with "Too many applications opened" message. Is there some
kind of internal maximum limit of memory usage beyond which launching any
app is refused?

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