[maemo-users] N810 slow since rebooting

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Sun Aug 15 12:27:29 EEST 2010
My N810 seems really slow since yesterday. It had run down (nothing 
unusual there) and after I recharged it it seemed to run very slow.
I wondered if it was short on space in /, so I deleted some files and 
regained several Mb, but that did not help.
I had been suspicious of the battery, which did not seem to keep as much 
charge as when new, and did not run the SD card properly when at low 
charge (maemo-mapper reports unable to write map database), so
I bought a new battery. It is still slow: sometimes it will not respond 
to menu taps, or the system menu is not shown.

I am seeing:
$ free
               total         used         free       shared      buffers
   Mem:       126796       124944         1852            0           60
  Swap:       131064       107480        23584
Total:       257860       232424        25436

$top (by CPU)
Mem: 124592K used, 2204K free, 0K shrd, 60K buff, 3552K cached
Load average: 5.10 5.46 3.90
   289 root     SW<        0     6  3.9  0.0 kondemand/0
   119 root     SW<        0     6  2.1  0.0 kswapd0
  1752 user     RW      1960  1437  1.9  1.5 top
(by memory)
  1303 user     DW      128M   354  0.0103.4 alarmd
  1451 user     SW     87992     1  0.0 69.2 maemo-mapper
  1399 user     DW     67292  1383  0.0 52.9 browserd
  1383 user     SW     40104     1  0.0 31.5 browserd
  1042 user     DW<    38852  1012  0.0 30.5 maemo-launcher

There are no unusual user tasks running - no memory/CPU hogs that I am 
aware of.

I cannot remember what is normal, e.g. if it is usual for alarmd to show 
such a large virtual size.

I have tried rebooting several times, and power-cycling by removing the 
battery, but it is still slow.

Any suggestions ?

Andrew Daviel, TRIUMF, Canada
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