[maemo-users] Protective case for N900

From: Erik Hovland erik at hovland.org
Date: Mon Aug 16 19:09:51 EEST 2010
> Thanks for your answer Erik. Please find some more questions inline.
> Erik Hovland wrote:
>>> Has anybody bought one of these cases?
>> Yes, I have one for my N900.
> May I ask for how long have you had the case? How long is you experience with it?

I got the otter box the same time I received my N900. I have used it
for roughly 4 months.

>>> Are buttons (i.e. volume, photo, power buttons, etc) still usable?
>> I was also concerned before I bought it. But yes, they still work.
> Are they easily accessible? My previous case had holes for the buttons, so they
> were usable, but it was difficult to press the buttons because the fingers would
> get blocked by the borders of the holes, requiring the use of the nails.

The buttons all work fine. The lock switch is a little hard to reach.
It requires me to
tilt my finger roughly diagonal to fit in the hole enough to reach it.
The headphone hole
just barely fits my headphone jack (I have a set of AKG cans). If the
headphone jack gets tilted
in any direction it kicks out and headphoned pauses what I am
listening to. This only
happens occasionally. These are my only nits w/ the case.

>>> Is the N900 still usable once wearing one of these?
>>> What about the size? Does it increase too much?
>> It is already a thick phone. The case makes it thicker. It is a
>> drawback when compared
>> to the very thin Android and iPhone phones. But I do not see it as a problem.
> How much did it "grow"?

Since it adds a ridge on top and a ridge around the camera lens, I
would say that it is
sizable. Think about a quarter of an inch (.7cm) in thickness.


Erik Hovland
erik at hovland.org
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