[maemo-users] N900 EDGE

From: Martin Grimme martin.grimme at gmail.com
Date: Sun Aug 22 11:27:48 EEST 2010

actually this is the first time I've seen GPRS mentioned as 2.5G.
2G on data plans usually stands for GPRS while 2.5G stands for EDGE.
EDGE is based on GPRS utilizing several channels at the same time.
So don't worry, 2.5G is indeed EDGE.

It's just called 2.5 G because it's a 2G technology being faster than
regular 2G.
The G is not a factor or unit but 2G simply stands for 2nd generation
(GSM) while 3G stands for 3rd generation (UMTS).
Likewise, HSDPA on 3G which is faster than regular UMTS is called 3.5G.


2010/8/22, Avinash Joshi <avinashtjoshi at gmail.com>:
> Hi.
> I have a small issue regarding EDGE on my Nokia N900. On my other Nokia
> mobiles (N70 & N96) I'm able to see the EDGE(E) symbol, but not on my N900!
> I am also not getting the speeds as i get on my other mobiles!
> My N900 shows 2.5G but EDGE(E) is 2.75G[1]. Could someone help me out on
> this?
> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2G#Evolution
> --
> Thanks & Regards,
> Avinash Joshi
> Web: http://avinashjoshi.co.in
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