[maemo-users] Lagging ambient light sensor and display backlight in N900

From: John Sullivan john at wjsullivan.net
Date: Thu Aug 26 23:01:28 EEST 2010
Dawid Lorenz <dawid at lorenz.co> writes:

> I've recently noticed that switching display back on after moving phone away
> from ear is preceded with considerable amount of lag, which makes every
> in-call interaction with device (hang up call, select a digit, switch
> speaker etc.) quite troublesome. I'm not sure what caused this, as I have an
> impression it used to work better before and display was getting back on
> quite quickly.
> Does anyone suffer from similar problem and have a clue how to improve that?
> Are there any ambient light sensor settings hidden somewhere deep under /etc
> or similar?

I've noticed it and find it very aggravating (in addition to the cases
you mention, there is the "see who's on call waiting" case). Would love
to know if there is a solution. I can't recall if it used to be better,

-John Sullivan

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