[maemo-users] Problem with app manager

From: Bernard Tyers b at runningwithbulls.com
Date: Thu Feb 4 21:37:13 EET 2010
On 4 Feb 2010, at 19:31, daniel young wrote:

> For the past couple weeks my n900 has not had any applications in  
> the download list nor has it had any updates.  I have tried re doing  
> the catalogs but that doesn't seem to work.  If this is a known bug  
> could someone point me in the right direction.  thanks for any help.

Hi there,

I'm glad someone else has this issue! I just picked up my new N900  
from the office today, got home, did a backup, and started trying to  
install software.

It hasn't happened yet :(

I have tried via 3G connection and via WiFi, but installing via the  
app catalog does not work.

I have an N800 for the past few years, so I am very familiar with app  
repositories, and getting them working.

My issue doesn't look like a client issue.

I'd appreciate any help possible.


Bernard Tyers

"To see what is in front of one's nose requires a constant struggle."  
- George Orwell

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