[maemo-users] N900: Finding power suckers ?

From: Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Date: Fri Feb 5 16:12:26 EET 2010

yesterday evening my N900 was fully charged (blue led). I copied 2 films
via wifi (700Mb each), played a bit with Angry Birds, started to watch a
film then stopped after 20mn. The only applications running (I think)
were the Facebook widget, the OMWeather widget and the media player,
paused. I disconnected the wifi (I still don't have a data plan), locked
the screen and went to sleep (I think the battery icon was showing
something like half-full).
In the morning (something like 8 hours after that) it was dead, out of

Now, I don't think spending 8hrs sleeping should have emptied the
battery (correct me if I'm wrong), so I'd like to have a look at which
application kept it working. What's the best method ?

I was thinking running powertop over ssh, but 1) I can't find it in the
normal or extras repos, and 2) I'm wary ssh would interfere with my
I read about RD mode, but AFAIK that would just indicate me there's a
problem, not who's the culprit.

So, what's the preferred method to find out ?


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