[maemo-users] Problem with app manager

From: Bernard Tyers b at runningwithbulls.com
Date: Fri Feb 5 17:11:50 EET 2010
On 4 Feb 2010, at 20:27, Ville M. Vainio wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 10:00 PM, Bernard Tyers  
> <b at runningwithbulls.com> wrote:
>> Sorry to follow up on my own reply but i have now got app  
>> installation working but only from 3g connection.
>> My wifi connection is working as a) i can browse the web with it  
>> and b) lisgten to web radio and of course c) the wifi router has  
>> assigned it with an IP address.
>> Any suggstions?
> Perhaps proxy issues?
> You will get better feel for the problem by playing around with good
> old-fashioned apt - i.e. install rootsh from extras (using 3g), open
> terminal, sudo gainroot, "apt-get install gpodder" (or somesuch).

Hello Ville,

Thanks for your e-mail. It looks like I jumped the gun with this  
issue, as it does not seem to be similar to Daniel's.

It seems to I have figured out part of the issue.

So far this I have found:

* I can install apps using apt-get from the shell (I just installed  
WifIinfo from the shell) using the WiFi connection.

* I can also install apps by shell using 3G.

* I cannot however install apps using the app manager using wifi.  
There is no proxy in my home wifi network, just straight through to  
the wifi/DSL router.

* I can install apps using the app manager using 3g. No issues.

* I cannot make e-mail connections to my hosted mailserver (using IMAP  
and SMTP) using WiFi.

* I can check, and send mail using 3g.

* When I disconnect from my WiFi network to connect to 3g, I get  
(paraphrasing) an error "operation failed", but it does successfully  
connect to 3g.

It does seem very strange...I have not yet looked at packet level with  
wireshark - I was hoping someone may have an idea that would save me  
the job :) My WiFi router is nothing special - a Netopia with WPA  
enabled. No MAC address filtering or anything advanced. My DHCP server  
assigns an IP to the N900 as follows: 	00-bd-3a-88-45-71 	Nokia-N900-51-1

I am sure the hardware is different, but I do not have these issues  
with my N800.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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