[maemo-users] Firefox and NoScript on N900

From: Jason maemo at lakedaemon.net
Date: Sun Feb 7 19:48:04 EET 2010

I'm doing something stupid.  :-)  I got the maemo update installed this morning.  I installed the newest firefox, and then added the noscript plugin.  

This is where I feel dumb.  I can't for the life of me get to configure noscript.  There _has_ to be some way to configure it other than about:config.  If I press options, the button will sit there, depressed, and nothing happens.  If I'm on a web page and click the noscript icon in the upper right corner, nothing happens.  I've tried long-press, double-click, stylus, finger press, everything I can think of.  

Has anyone else seen this?  How did you fix it?


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