[maemo-users] N900: Finding power suckers ?

From: Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Date: Mon Feb 8 00:01:47 EET 2010
On Sun, 2010-02-07 at 21:28 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote: 
> Le vendredi 05 février 2010 à 15:12 +0100, Xavier Bestel a écrit :
> > 
> > yesterday evening my N900 was fully charged (blue led). I copied 2 films
> > via wifi (700Mb each), played a bit with Angry Birds, started to watch a
> > film then stopped after 20mn. The only applications running (I think)
> > were the Facebook widget, the OMWeather widget and the media player,
> > paused. I disconnected the wifi (I still don't have a data plan), locked
> > the screen and went to sleep (I think the battery icon was showing
> > something like half-full).
> > In the morning (something like 8 hours after that) it was dead, out of
> > battery.
> So (for those interested) it seems there are several problems:
> - Just disconnecting from wifi with the menu from the wifi icon is
> temporary, and makes the n900 reconnect by itself later. My fault, I
> didn't know that.

IME this is only true if you select 'Wi-Fi' (or probably 'Any
connection') for 'Connect automatically' in the 'Internet connections'
settings. I have it on 'Always ask'. (I think if one disconnected
manually it should never try to reconnect automatically, just suggesting
ways around it for now)

> - The wifi driver apparently has some troubles reconnecting to my AP
> after a while. Rebooting the n900 makes the problem go away. Next time
> it happens I'll try to gather some logs.

I've experienced this once, and unloading the wl12xx kernel module and
loading it again fixed it. I use the Wifi Switcher status menu plugin
now to unload the kernel module, apparently this may also save more
power than merely disconnecting.

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